Cork Boards

Cork boards are a form of bulletin board or message board used for hanging pictures, drawings, notes, papers and other messages. Wall mounted cork boards are hung in high traffic areas making it easy for people to view the displayed messages. Other names for cork boards include: pin, tack and notice boards. There are a large variety of sizes, shapes, styles, frames and colors. A good cork board will accept push pins, tacks and staples and hold them firmly in place. Once removed the puncture mark should heal quickly. Self healing, fine grain cork boards are considered the best choices because they can withstand repeated tacking and have the best wear and tear. Some other related items are: enclosed letter boards, tack boards and dry erase white boards.

3 x 4 Black Splash Eco- Friendly Cork / Tack Board

3 x 4 Black Splash Eco- Friendly Cork / Tack Board
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